Whether you’re debuting a new line of products, or appealing to new customers, devoting some creative energy to experiences can significantly elevate brand awareness. Many companies are creating once in a lifetime VIP experiences for their customers and partners. Consider it from the consumer’s perspective – would you rather invest time and money in a company that values their customers by hosting unique experiences, or the company that provides nothing other than their product?

Take Adidas, for example. Adidas launched a weeklong series of pop-ups around London that attracted “innovators, speakers and creative minds” to discuss Essentialism, called the EQT Creator Series (Adidas). The pop-ups offered live performances by popular English DJ Jamie XX and rapper Giggs, and hosted specialty workshops and industry networking opportunities. For this series, Adidas created the EQT Collection, featuring “progressive streetwear-inspired” sneakers and apparel (Adidas). Through collaboration with local and influential creatives, Adidas invigorated brand awareness and introduced an innovative new line of products.


EQT Creator



Or, instead of venturing out for a pop-up, provide customers the opportunity for a VIP experience from the comfort of their own home. Through their partnership with the alcohol delivery service Thirstie, Dom Pérignon is now offering one-hour delivery service to select customers within the United States (Dom). Chilled, ready-to-drink luxury is only a sip away, along with the option to choose from a variety of different vintages and recommended food pairings. Through a strategic partnership, Dom Pérignon has efficiently improved brand accessibility and heightened the luxury of its brand by offering consumers more control over the location of their purchase.

What’s more VIP than in-flight pampering? Guests travel in luxury aboard the Crystal AirCruise. A private jet experience is recreated in a full-sized Boeing 777, with an independent dining area, bar section, on-board wine cellar, world-class cuisine, “and the highest staff-to-guest ratio of any private flight” (AirCruise). For maximum comfort, the Crystal AirCruise offers lie-flat beds to make each guest as comfortable as possible for a truly unique, VIP luxury experience in the sky.


Aircraft VIP



Brands that offer unique, VIP experiences elevate their brand awareness and foster a deeper connection with their customers. Through experiences that collaborate with other partners, or provide strategic integration with relevant and products relevant, brands can find new ways to impress, excite, and expand.