Theatrical has always been a part of the fashion industry—the clothing, the makeup, the accessories—and this extends to the runway sets too. The Chanel Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week brought creativity, excitement, and the beach to Paris!

Wait…the BEACH? …in PARIS?

Sure! Why not?

The beach-scene set for the Chanel fashion show was complete with sand, faux waves, lifeguard, and beach boardwalk. The models walked barefoot and carefree along the sand with shoes dangling from a finger. 

The large-scale idea and execution of this show makes it a feature, and a memorable experience for the guests. No, Chanel is not moving toward designing beach-only attire. The show featured all the quintessential Chanel fashion designs. The idea behind the set of this show was the experience.

The guests were able to truly feel summer at their doorstep. The event designers did not create a stuffy and rigid experience. The white sand, the waves lapping toward the shore, the blue sky—it all transported guests to a summer destination with carefree warm days and simple pleasures. This is what the best event designs really do. They take you into a new reality to experience. A reality you will then associate with that brand or that event.

Chanel Fashion Show


Chanel is also concerned with sustainability when developing their large-scale fashion shows. They announced that the water used for the beach scene would be reprocessed by the Paris sewage system and the sand would be recycled through the construction industry.

Events of all kinds should take inspiration from Chanel’s always dramatic and memorable sets that take their guests on a journey. Creating an experience and reality for your audience is something to strive for whether it is an award show, brand activation, industry conference, fundraising dinner, concert, or any other live event.

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