Hundreds of people every day are too busy to go to the gym and workout. At-home exercise equipment can cost thousands of dollars, and often you’re left with an ugly hunk of metal that takes up valuable space. When you do have equipment to workout at home, do you really even know how to use it properly? MIRROR founder and CEO Brynn Putnam is looking to solve the at-home fitness dilemma.

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Putnam has created the MIRROR, an “interactive mirror that streams live workout classes into your home” (Business Insider). The MIRROR includes speakers and cameras in addition to its LCD screen. When not in use, the product looks and acts as a typically mirror—available as a wall mount or as a standing mirror. 

For $1,495 USD, buyers can control the Mirror with a smartphone app, and can be used with Bluetooth and Apple Watch. Users can subscribe to live workout classes for an additional $39 USD a month, or for $40-$75 USD a month participate in customized training sessions with a certified trainer by using the devices’ cameras. Certified trainers provide guidance and feedback in classes such as cardio, strength training, yoga, Pilates, boxing, and more. With over 50 new classes being added each week, users can stay motivated and engaged. The Mirror allows the user to view the class or trainer, see their own form, and provides Bluetooth heartrate monitoring on the screen.

Though a price tag of $1,495 USD may be daunting, MIRROR allows monthly payment plans with no interest! This may even beat the price of costly fitness classes or other similar devices available, like a Peloton bike.

Putnam says that her company MIRROR “is the first to bring the collective benefits of quality fitness studios into the home with a beautiful piece of hardware that enhances any room. Studio classes are great for high-quality, hands-on training, but are often draining on time and budget. We’re creating a personalized experience with the best trainers and classes around the world, so anyone can enjoy the benefits of a workout, whenever and wherever they want” (Business Insider). Putnam reconceptualized her business of chain fitness studios into an innovative technology that may revolutionize the way we exercise.

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