“I was honoured to be invited by Dr Rob Harris (Honorary Associate, University of Technology Sydney Business School) to be a guest lecturer at the Event Training Australia course in Melbourne at Victoria University.”

-Ant Hampel, ALIVE Events Agency

Ant Hampel is passionate about improving the lives of others through sharing his own knowledge and experiences with the next generation of event producers. Antony has a commitment to inspire those in his industry, passing along his unique set of experiences and breadth of knowledge.

And he had the opportunity to do just this recently in a lecture he gave at an Executive Certificate in Event Management course for Event Training Australia.

Event Training Australia has 20+ years of experience in innovative, practice-based education and training programs for the event management industry. Their courses and workshops are designed and delivered by Australian Event Award-winning recipients, such as Ant Hampel/Antony Hampel enthusiastically stated, “It was great to share some insights on our operations and processes at ALIVE Events Agency with the course participants!” The course attendees were mostly event managers involved in delivering a variety of public and business events in Victoria and throughout Australia.

Ant Hampel focused his presentation on critical components of any event management plan, such as:

  • Event concept development
  • dentification of tasks to deliver an event
  • Task scheduling & timing
  • Event “program” (performers, staging, lights, AV, etc.)
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Event production schedule and run sheet
  • Venue layout & design
  • General flow of event
  • Ensuring event is on time and on budget
  • Ensuring event meets outcomes

“Thank you…. The participants really enjoyed your presentation!”

-Dr Rob Harris – Principal, Event Training Australia & Honorary Associate, University of Technology Sydney Business School The Executive Certificate in Event Management program offered by Event Training Australia provides career development to those employed or seeking employment as:

  • Corporate in-house event organisers
  • Special event coordinators/managers
  • Conference/meeting planners
  • Charity event organisers
  • Festival planners
  • Parade directors
  • Exhibition organisers
  • Wedding planners
  • Government event planners/ coordinators
  • Educational institution event managers
  • Sport event managers
  • Hotel/resort/cruise ship event coordinators

Antony Hampel believes he has a responsibility to motivate, educate, and inspire event management newcomers, so the industry he loves will continue to flourish. Giving back to the industry that he fell in love with and has given his energies to is a high priority for Ant Hampel.