League of Legends Extended Reality at the Opening Ceremony Event

The Esports Opening Ceremonies for the 2018 League of Legends World Championship disrupted what we think of live performances and events. Virtual reality was used alongside real life performers for an exciting live, extended reality event!

Extended reality is when real and virtual realities are combined in a single environment.

The event was live and on stage in front of 20,000 fans. The virtual reality performers sang both on their own and alongside their real world counterparts, dancing along the stage, appearing out of thin air, or disappearing in an explosive cloud. It wasn’t immediately obvious that augmented reality characters were even on the stage until they were side by side with a real life performer, or of course, when they suddenly appeared or you caught a glimpse of their wings!

Esports Opening Ceremonies

League of Legends developer Riot Games incorporated extended reality into a 2017 live event as well, where event-goers experienced a giant virtual dragon flying above them.

For gamers, who are exposed to virtual reality characters regularly, this may not at first seem special. But it is the fact these characters are live and performing alongside real world performers that makes this an especially memorable experience.

For those who are not regularly exposed to extended reality—get ready!

Virtual reality is an exciting technology for live events and is providing new experiences for guests. Virtual and augmented reality is moving off the screen and into our live, real time world at increasing speed. This offers a new experience for event-goers. The possibilities are endless and go well beyond entertainment purposes only. This technology can easily step into events such as product or brand activations, product demonstrations, exhibits, road shows, or industry conferences.

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