Rain Room Needs No Umbrella

Dance in the Rain Without Getting Wet

It doesn’t get more romantic than moving through the rain – listening to that hypnotic cascade of water, reaching your hands out to catch the spill of that sky born liquid, twirling in the arms of the one you love, as droplets sprinkle down upon you from the clouds above.

Now you can have that experience, but without getting wet. All the beauty of a rain shower with no soaking clothes and washed out blow waves to ruin the magic.

Random International’s spectacular Rain Room show has wowed half a million patrons across

London, New York and Shanghai, and now brings its visceral intensity to Melbourne.

As you navigate through the darkened underground space under a continuous virtual downpour, motion sensors detect your movement, drawing you into this magnetic simulation of precipitation.


Random International

Source: Random International

Beautifully crafted and deeply evocative, Rain Room fuses art, technology and nature to offer the audience a highly immersive encounter which the Guardian best described as “A startling surreal experience.”

Ant Hampel was inspired by the creativity of this immersive experience, such as the Rain Room. He thinks exhibitions like Rain Room push the boundaries of what can be achieved in event production. The show has been so iconic that Wayne Macgregor’s dance company added contemporary dance movement through the sheets of cybernetic rain pouring through the Barbican’s Curve gallery in London.


Barbican Centre and Wayne McGregor Random Dance

Source: Barbican Centre and Wayne McGregor Random Dance

The 25-hour perpetual choreography created by award winning British dance master McGregor was set to a score by composer Max Richter – offering yet another layer of emotional intensity to the performance.

Ant says while the Melbourne show doesn’t feature the dance element, the incredible video of that moving performance can be viewed online, adding yet another poetic element to the Rain Room experience.



Ant believes the true beauty of Rain Room is that you don’t have to be a dancer to experience the power of this visceral exhibition. You don’t need an umbrella, a rain coat, or even a hat. Rain Room invites any and every body to enter its domain and be moved by this mesmerising environment where the water cycle comes to fruition in one of the most daring and distinctive expressions of experimental art by Random International’s collaborative studio founded in 2005 by Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass,

Rain Room Melbourne tickets are available through Ticketek