Environmentally friendly, renewable, and good for your waistline? Yes! Eco Renewable Energy in Sydney has creating products that generate energy from our own body movements.  

As companies and people are valuing sustainability more and more, there are some creative ways events and businesses can promote sustainable, clean, renewable energy.  

Pedal your way to a full charge! Energy Generating Bikes

Need to charge your device? Hop on a bike to get the clean energy charge you need. You’ll also have a place to sit and get a little extra exercise while you wait for your device to dully charge.

Renewable Energy

Don’t stop the music! Energy Generating Dance Floors

Dance to keep the music going with a dance floor that generates energy from movement that powers the DJ booth and AV equipment. These dance floors are a fun way to get people onto the floor at an event. When you know you’re contributing together to create something larger, engaging becomes more fun and rewarding.

The dance floors include games that can be customized to the clients’ needs.

Eco Renewable Energy

Consider trying this new and exciting technology at your business or event!

Both of these clean-energy products have been used at events, creating lots of enthusiasm and interest. People are initially curious and want to try out something new and exciting, but they soon find that they like getting a little movement in with their fellow attendees. People also like that they have personally generated the power to charge their devices, and feel that they have done something concrete and visible to reduce their carbon footprint.

See how Nissan Paris used these products to promote their new electric car in a cafe where customers had to pedal for their coffee instead of paying with money. Watch the video here.

At ALIVE Events Agency, we love the idea of these to promote a company’s environmental responsibility and to get others excited about the use of body motion to generate clean energy.

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