transforming event spaces

Transforming Event Spaces to Create Immersive Experiences

“Welcome to the era of immersive experiences”, says Antony Hampel.

Visual ‘wow’ factors are no longer enough. Hampel proposes that as human beings, we are constantly longing to be absorbed into alternate environments, where we can be completely surrounded in such ways, that we feel entirely a part of another world.

“We live in a time where digital technology is able to transform our surroundings, suspending our reality and allowing us to become absorbed into the fantasy environment of the creators’ conception. So we are physically present, although in a non-physical world. This is the immersive experience”, says Ant Hampel.



Antony Hampel describes how technological advancements in projection technologies have come so far that we no longer need to need to wear bulky personal devices or look through our smartphones in order to experience such a constructed reality. “Through the use of large-scale LED displays and advanced projection technology, images and animations can be cast onto building exteriors and interiors, or objects in the surrounding environment, effectively turning any surface into a screen. In this way, groups of hundreds, or even thousands of people, can be present for the same captivating experience at once”, Ant Hampel suggests.

Antony Hampel explains that the new heights of scale and realism that are now attainable with LED displays are so great, that the projections are now more than just a detail in a presentation. Rather, the entire room, or space, is transformed into a tremendous sensory experience that affects its occupants at a new level. “Think LED ceilings, floors and walls”, Ant says. Once static objects now bought to life through the use of advanced projection technology. “The world around us is now a digital canvas!” Hampel enthuses.

“But advancing digital and projection technology is just the beginning”, Antony Hampel continues. Ant explains that implementing it and adapting it for entertainment and events is equally important. “You want your event to be memorable. You want your audience to be attentive, and more so, you want to create an emotional connection with them.” According to Antony Hampel, each and every person present should feel completely surrounded and totally immersed, so any fragment of disbelief is suspended.

Ant Hampel suggests that the possibilities are endless; the boundaries are limitless. “Whether you want to entertain, influence, calm or thrill your audience, through the use of advanced digital displays you have the ability to provide an enchanting and unforgettable experience for your audience.”