Credit: Guillaume Néry

Dance is poetry of the body, but what happens when you have complete freedom of movement? Julie Gautier is an underwater dancer, film director, camerawoman, and stuntwoman that uses the fluidity of water to communicate her art.

In her short film, AMA, Gautier performs a full dance routine entirely underwater.  Set to Ezio Bosso’s “Rain in Your Black Eyes,” the film is silent and filled with emotion. It expresses “a story everyone can interpret in their own way” and is dedicated “to all the women of the world.” The dancer’s movements are elegant, masterful, and emotional. Simultaneously beautiful and ethereal, Gautier’s work is underwater poetry in motion.

In a video made for The Ritz-Carlton Rewards, Marriott Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest’s Story Booked series, Gautier speaks about becoming one through dance as she swims in underwater caves and off the beaches of Mexico. Juxtaposing scenes of traditional dances, rituals, jungle, and beach-side resorts, Gautier’s underwater performances inspire viewers with the rich culture, stunning locales, and exceptional adventures available to travellers.

This collaboration demonstrates the creativity, artistry, and unique perspective available for marketing, brand activation, and events that can truly set your company apart from the rest.

You can see yourself in Gautier’s experiences. You can feel the sun on your skin, the smell of sea air, and the crash of waves. You can be there, next to the bonfire on the beach, or walking through a crowd of dancers. After you’ve swam in the ocean and explored the area, you have a peaceful room of your own to go back to.

Creative partnerships and imaginative branding transcend conventional events and campaigns. There’s an ocean of visionary possibilities available, opportunities for a once in a lifetime experience that can engage a brand with a wider audience and encourage them to create their own poetry.

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